Addiction Counselling

You control the habit; the addiction controls you.

Addiction is a dependency on a substance or activity where unlike a habit, the individual feels they cannot cope with everyday life without it. Addictions are likely to impact the individual both physically and emotionally and will also impact the lives of those around them.

A habit is generally something people can choose to stop over time, and something people do to have fun, relax or something they do socially, an addiction is an overwhelming need or absolute compulsion to do something regularly in order to achieve the desired hit. The outcome will be a high, or a low, but whichever, it is something that becomes so overwhelmingly rewarding that it cannot be ignored or controlled.

You control the habit; the addiction controls you.

Addictions can develop from innocent habits and activities such as drinking alcohol, eating, gambling and having sex. Drug dependency can develop from pain management or prescribed medication to support an individual’s mental health.

The tipping point from habit to addiction, from medication to dependency is often reached without the individual realising it. It can be a family member or GP who is recognising the symptoms which may be physical, emotional or behavioural. Although we recognise everyone is different, there are some common signs such as:

  • Missing work, school or social events

  • Mood swings

  • Low self-esteem and confidence

  • Borrowing money

  • Hiding or lying about a habit

  • Losing interest in activities that had been previously enjoyed

Reasons for addiction

The cycle becomes hard to get out of, but you don’t need to do it on your own.

Often using a substance or activity can give you almost instant relief by making you feel more relaxed when uptight or positive when feeling low. It makes sense that if there is an instant way of achieving what you want, why wouldn’t you? You may have suffered trauma and you have found that using a substance or taking part in an activity provides the escape you need. Facing that trauma without the support of drugs, alcohol or gambling can feel unimaginable. The problem is that addiction brings with it low self-esteem, shame and guilt, you can become isolated from friends and family and impacted financially. The judgement attached to substance use and the compulsion to do certain activities can lead to isolation and deception, where the only companion you have is the substance or activity you are dependent on.

Addiction counselling

We will support you to achieve the target set by you.

At Corsham Counselling we would encourage you to get treatment for the physical dependency and we are able to recommend agencies who can help with this. Alongside other professionals we will support you to achieve the target set by you, whether that be reduction or sustaining abstinence.

It may be that you do not feel you have an addiction, but family are friends are concerned about your behaviour and your health and you would like to consider different, maybe healthier ways of managing stress or low mood.

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